by Dr. Janis Ruksans & Liga Popova

OFFER 2022

Dear Friends

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Dear friends and garden lovers!

This year my offer again comes early, even earlier than I supposed. I am not as strong as before, therefore I am forced to reduce the scale of my activities to be able to manage everything in time and in the usual quality, for which my nursery is so famous. Regardless of decision to shorten my collection in it still remains more than 1600 samples of crocuses and around 4 thousand samples of another hardy bulbs. But I stopped growing bulbs in open garden and now they all are inside polytunnels. Of course - this is adding a lot of job, as hundreds if not even thousands of pots late spring must be brought outside because those plants don't tolerate summer heat, what inside greenhouses in sunny days last summer reached even +54 C - real hell, so working was possible only during early morning hours and late evening.

This summer I repotted around 10 000 pots, starting at end of May and finishing in mid of November.  I realised one short trip to Greek Islands where new Crocus species was found. It is published in December issue of International Rock Gardening, edited by Scottish Rock Garden Club.  Always after current mountain trip I’m repeating - it was my last, no more to mountains… And my wife Guna start to laugh - so many times she hear those words up to my next trip comes.

Again several spring bulbs started blooming in late November, first days of December, but after long years of interruption - in mid December came real winter with huge amount of snow and night temperatures dropping down to minus 23 C. Thick layer of snow on greenhouse roofs protected plants from so dramatical frosts and inside temperature didn't drop down below minus 6 C, so I hope that my bulbs will remain safe, but I'm a little worried about wild daffodils from Spain and Portugal, which already had 5-7 cm long flowerstems.

Very heavy and time taking were preparing of new catalogue. When I made the list of includable plants it turned more than 900 items long, what of course was impossible for me to manage. So I started striping out. What to leave or not to leave – that was the question. Although I decided - not more than 400 items to be offered, finally left 440 - a little more than last year. From shortening mostly escaped crocuses, but it dramatically touched other bulbs where almost half were striped out for shortening of list. But if you have some special wishes - ask for them and may be your dream will be realised. It is not that easy with colour forms though. Most of the plants grown by me are from seed, so they split in colour and not always I have time to mark the exceptionally beautiful ones although they are pictured and published on Facebook and Forums. The entire blooming time I walk through my collection with a bunch of brushes in my pocket and do almost nothing but pollinate. Of course, occasionally some hybrids occur, because I cannot isolate all the flowers, but such is the fate of all small nurseries that offer only self-grown plants. We never offer plants from the wild – this is our principal rule. I'm never buying plants from other nurseries for reselling! ALL BULBS OFFERED IN MY CATALOGUE ARE ONLY SELF-GROWN!

My crocus monograph “The World of Crocuses” is almost sold out. From the 2000 printed copies there around only 20 left. So some still are available. May be this winter/spring I will prepare the first supplement for it as many new species in last years were published by myself and other researchers.

My nursery is registered as a small nursery, so I have very limited total income from my sells to keep this status allowed by our rules. So I will stop accepting of new orders when the total amount of sells will approach this limit. Last year that moment arrived already at start of January, so do not delay the ordering until the last minute. I will start the despatching of bulbs in June and it is normal that now by the end of July all the orders have been sent out.

Due BREXIT shipments to UK will need phytocertificates. I think this will enjoy all those gardeners who voted for Brexit, but certainly others, who lives out of EU, now can again order my bulbs, because I renew full programm of phytoinspection, what of course will rise costs for customers in UK, not for others.

Sincerely Yours

Jānis Rukšāns, Dr. biol. h.c.



If you have problems with login, send your wishlist to me directly by my e-mail address listing item number, name, number of bulbs ordered and total summ of your order.




This year we will have CROCUS DAYS - when every one can come and watch my collection on place.  Crocus blooming time last season started mid-February, but if winter will be "normal" - it will be in March so we will accept visitors during daylight at any sunny day. Only, please, inform us about your coming at least day before.

Contact me by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details


Mid-june at our place usually is PEONY DAY, the first Sunday of August will be PHLOX DAY organized by my wife Guna who runs perennial nursery - phlox, hosta, waterlilies etc. All summer perennials you can buy in situ - coming to our nursery. We offer bare rooted or potted plants which can't be dispatched abroad by post, so you must come by yourself to pick them up.

Her e-mail address at present is the same as mine.



Some our customers had problems with ordering, so follow instruction step by step as written below, and it will work without any problems:

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select items and numbers of each,

add to Cart,

when finished at top of page go to “Basket

On right bottom corner – Checkout

Enter your name and address, e-mail

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Check your order and put “x” in box “Terms of Business”

Confirm Order

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Attention! When you will complete your order, don't leave empty boxes for phytocertificate costs (write there - 0.00 if you live in EU), postage costs (at least 10.00 for EU and at least 15.00 for others) and bank costs. You must enter at least "0" in each box. Payment box is only for information how and where (when) you will pay for your order. You must write this in the field. It is not joyned with bank accounts. Sorry.


Wishing you a nice gardening season, sincerely Yours


 Janis Ruksans